About Creation Science Evangelism

In 1974, God called Kent Hovind to Midwest Baptist Bible College to prepare him for the ministry of pastor and Christian educator. Upon completion of his studies, Kent Hovind was ordained to the ministry. He then served in the role of pastor and Christian educator for several years in preparation for his present calling. In 1989 God called Kent Hovind to a new understanding and to become a Defender of the Faith.

Since 1989, Dr. Hovind has been actively involved in Defending the Faith as set forth in the Bible and the laws of God, (these laws are also said by evolutionists to be the immutable laws of nature). Dr. Hovind has debated top evolutionary scholars and proponents of the big bang and conducted seminars showing with accurate scientific evidence that the laws that govern the created universe are in fact the laws of God, established by God, and as revealed in the Word of God, the Bible. Dr. Hovind helped to establish the first Creation Science Evangelism Ministries (CREATION SCIENCE EVANGELISM MINISTRIES had been a worldwide leader in proclaiming the truth of Creation).

Dr. Hovind is primarily a Defender of the Faith once delivered. His personal beliefs had also led him to believe that there were certain laws and the like that had been made by man and were opposed to the Way of God. This led to problems with some regulatory authorities, legal actions and punishment by the system against him and his views. He even went to prison.

As with many others Christians who have been imprisoned, Dr. Hovind continued to join God in His great work of rescuing (saving) men from being on their way to the lake of fire. While in prison he was used of God to continue his ministry, through books and other communications. He led several hundred men to the Lord, from the paths of sin, by showing them what the Bible said. When he was released from prison, he surrounded himself with wise counselors. He no longer heads any ministry and is now a spokesperson for a new Florida corporate, Florida-Alabama based ministry also called Creation Science Evangelism.

Dr. Hovind, is not a employee or agent of Creation Science Evangelism Ministries. However, through legal contractual arrangements with Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, Dr. Hovind is used by them as the primary speaker.

Dr. Hovind is an enthusiastic supporter of their efforts to continue to defend the faith of God and the Bible of God. This new organization continues the work of God and recognizes the calling on Dr. Hovind. Dr. Hovind has assigned all his royalties and other income that is or might be generated to Creation Science Evangelism Ministries of Florida in a contract with his employer. In exchange for this, he receives a salary and expenses.

Creation Science Evangelism Ministries of Florida and has agreed to use him to be the primary speaker for engagements that Creation Science Evangelism Ministries of Florida schedules. This then is the Mission and Vision Statement of Creation Science Evangelism Ministries of Florida CSEM chooses to utilize the oldest and most reliable text that describes creation, the KJV Bible as the inerrant word of the Living God.

The Word of God and the Historicity of Jesus Christ is revealed through an examination of creation as the Truth and only Truth. Despite what ardent evolutionists say, Jesus Christ is the “perfect snapshot of God” (God in the flesh), and was the manifestation and completion of Biblical prophecy that foretold of His birth, death, resurrection, and substitutionary atonement for our transgressions against God.

His sinless life served as the perfect sacrifice for a fallen world that has turned against its creator. The world was created in 6 literal days, just as God proclaimed in Genesis. In essence, all Answers are in Genesis and Creation Science Evangelism is proud to present the World’s leading Creation Scientist, Pastor and Dr. Kent Hovind, as our consultant, minister and preacher.

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