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Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism – Does America Deserve This?

Kent Hovind comments on Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders Prison and Tax ReformI want to make a few comments on Bernie Sanders speech on democratic socialism he made and the mindset of some of these socialists, communists, marxists and morons. The bible says: Proverbs 28:2 “For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state therof shall be prolonged.”

The more wicked a country gets the more government they need. God gives them more princes to eat up the substance of the Government. I think America is pretty wicked and getting worse and God might just give us someone like Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders, “We have more people in Jail, than any other country on earth 2.2 billion people and why we are not investing in our young people in jobs and education rather than more jails and incarceration. Why we are not dealing with the reality of who controls our rigged economy and corrupt political system which is a result of ‘Citizens United’ who is allowing billionaires allowed to buy elections – Why we are not dealing with climate change the great global crisis facing our country… all of those issues which are more important that Hillary Clintons emails…)

Let me make a few comments about poor Bernie Sanders, first of all paid college for everyone – some people should not be going to college… What if everyone in America had a college degree… then what?… The Associates Degree is now equivalent to a High School diploma from a few years back. Our whole education system is being dumbed down on purpose because dumb people are easier to manage… That’s a whole other story.

Where is Bernie Sanders going to get this money to pay for college for everybody? Oh, they are going to tax everybody. Well, that removes the incentive to work.

As far as to why there are so many jails let me give you help. Judges and lawyers and congressman and senators and the president all of the political officials are allowed to own stock in the prison system – it’s big business.

The Kennel: Exposing the Prison Industrial Complex From Within by Kent Hovind

In my book “The Kennel” the book I wrote about the Prison System is a 100 page booklet on the American Prison system. Why would we allow judges to get paid to judge a case and lock people up and also allow them to take their money and invest it in to things that involve the prison system? Think about it… (read more about the Corporation Commission of America and GEO make money torturing Americans in prisons and call it freedom and free market)

There are so many ways these people can do it.

Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississippi for many years, he owns the land in Yazoo MS and has a 99-year lease to the federal government to build the prison on his land. I wonder what his lease payment is? And why would his son Haley Barbour junior, the Chief Judge of the southern district of MS, how could he not have an incentive to lock people up for longer periods of time knowing it’s going to increase his inheritance with this 99-years lease on this land?

But, it’s not just the land, it’s the clothing. Bob Barker, all the county jails, it say’s “Bob Barker Clothing” in the back… Whose profiting from the prison uniforms? Whose profiting from the whole transportation system? Just in the federal system there’s a network of giant busses moving around, moving people all the time, I got moved 30-times… Why? Do they order moves because someone says “My mercedes benz payment is due this month so we need more people moved”? They shouldn’t be allowed to be involved in politics and decision making and law enforcement AND allowed to own stock in the transportation system, the food, the clothing, renting the land… Hello?… (Read more about the Prison Industrial Complex).

Bernie, you want to know why America’s got 4% of the population and 26% of the prisoners? 1 Timothy 6:10 “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Watch the entire commentary on Socialist Bernie Sanders reform ideas in the video below

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