Big White Lies : James White Wants Authority Over God’s Word in The KJV

James White False AccuserArticle “BIG WHITE LIES” by Gail Riplinger – a follow up article can be read at “More Big White Lies : James White Tries to Hide“.

“…[W]HATSOEVER things are true,
whatsoever things are honest,
whatsoever things are just,
whatsoever things are pure,
whatsoever things are lovely,
whatsoever things are of good report;
if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,
think on these things. (Phil. 4:8).

CONSEQUENTLY, I haven’t thought about James White for twenty years. I trust I won’t be thinking about him for another twenty.

“Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them” Psalm 119:165.

I leap for joy over his nonsensical persecutions of my defense of the resurrected word of God from the graves of Greek grammars, critical editions, and lexicons.

“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” Matt. 5:11

“Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the prophets.” Luke 6:23

I ignored his attempts at defamation for 20 years. The Bible warned that “men shall be… false accusers” (2 Tim. 3: 2, 3). But when White picked on my hero Jo’s husband for challenging White’s uncharitable behavior, I have to momentarily pull myself away from my desk and decade long work for http://purebiblepress.com to clear up White’s revisionist history and bald misrepresentations. (I have collated, consulted, or edited Bible translation in Farsi, Ancient and Modern Greek, French, Chinese, Hebrew, Syrian, Kayla, Thado, Swahili, Telugu, Chichewa, Latin, and many other languages.)

The purpose of this open letter is not to address the myriad of errors in James White’s book against the King James Bible. Those have been documented in over 3,690 pages as follows:

• Gail Riplinger (Blind Guides, Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers, In Awe of Thy Word, total 2,464 pages), The James White Controversy, Part 1-7, http://www.avpublications.com/avnew/resources.html

• Alan O’Reilly (noted British university professor, KJO Review Full Text, 818 pages). Dr. O’Reilly would walk right past White, looking for a scholar. Dr. O’Reilly demonstrates,

“White levels criticism at 237 passages of scripture….” O’Reilly’s charts show that in those passages, White’s modern versions line up against the KJB, and agree with the Jehovah Witness New World Translation or a Catholic edition 89% of the time (pp. 747-769). Are we to believe that God gave the cults the correct text and not Christians?

For the entire 818 pages proving White wrong see: http://www.timefortruth.co.uk/why-av-only/james-white-dr-divietro-and-dawaite.php

• Peter Ruckman (Scholarship Only Controversy, 472 pages). After the publication of the book, White challenged Ruckman to a debate, and Ruckman agreed, setting a time and place. White put on his break light and took flight. His stage fright regarding the upcoming dog fight, made him an outright ‘no-show’.

Time answers all things. Twenty-two years later, because of my books, White’s NASB is now practically defunct, with only used copies available on Amazon.com and “limited” or “damaged” copies elsewhere. Even their 1995 efforts to fix its errors, which were pointed out in New Age Bible Versions, failed. Even White himself has switched to different versions, it appears, although he “worked on the 1995 NASB” committee. http://www.lockman.org/nasb/nasbprin.php.

The NIV he often defended likewise may no longer be printed, as its editors ‘changed their minds’ in a bazillion places in 2011, due in no small part to its errors being exposed in my books. The KJB is still going strong some 400 plus years after its first publication, while White’s grave site of new versions grows more crowded.

White’s Nose

It seems that every time White gets near me and the KJB his nose grows, like Pinocchio. In the following I will document its growth inch by inch.

1. White will never guess who was trained at Harvard in forensic recording analysis.
2. White continues to pretend I would not debate, in spite of the fact that I agreed to a formal debate with White and he refused.
3. White ambushed me on a radio program and then pretends he “debated” me.
4. White edited a video using my voice and adding a nutty slide of his own creation, pretending it was my thoughts.
5. White quotes himself, pretending that he is quoting me.
6. White’s real plight and his misrepresentation of Erasmus, the critical apparatus, and even the name of God are documented herein.

1. Forensic Analysis

The Recording of KRDS Radio 1993
One of the courses I took at Harvard was taught by Robert B. Newman, then the world’s leading authority on sound. He and his sound research firm Bolt, Beranek, and Newman Technologies were the ones called upon to “examined the Richard Nixon tape with the 18.5 minutes erased during the Watergate scandal, as well as evaluating the Dictabelt evidence which was purportedly a recording of the JFK assassination” (See Wikipedia “BBN Technology” under ‘History’). People from all over the world were in the class, including the head of sound at CBS.

On Feb. 1, 2016 White boasts of the KRDS program, “…the documentation. I have it all. She has nothing.”

Dream on…I have the original recordings, sent to me by a listener, who was an experienced radio engineer and radio program host. Upon hearing the recording of the exchange, comparing the originals with White’s edited edition, I immediately noted the following:

1.) On the originals, my voice is clear. On White’s edited copy, when I am talking, there are repeated sonic artifacts, such as the addition of grainy pops, clicks and dropouts. They merge to make it very difficult to understand what I am saying. These artifacts are not the result of generalized digital imprecisions generated in the process of converting analog information into digital space due to the limited granularity of digital numbering space, nor are they from hard disk buffer size settings. They did not occur from a global implementation of a compression algorithm, which can produce artifacts. They are unique to my voice, and not on White’s or the several call-in guest’s voices, which are crystal clear. Since the MD5 algorithm is open source, programs to distort a voice and make it subtly more difficult to discern are widely available to non-professionals; dozens of apps can be purchased to do this. The professional audio editing program Audition, which we have, easily allows an editor to mangle audio to create the form in which it now is heard on White’s published edition. Any untrained ear can decipher the audio quality difference between my voice and all the other speakers on the program, as well as the difference between my voice quality on days one and two vs. its distortion during White’s edited edition from days three and four.

2.) This was not the fault of my equipment, line quality, or my mic’s diaphragm, as the two previous days of interviews with me (where White was not involved) evidence no such distortion. I have a dedicated radio room which has given me scores and scores of clear phone interviews, all still available at avpublications.com. Am I accusing White of altering my voice? No, as I have no idea who did it. But the distortion, which occurs in my voice only, often makes my responses difficult to discern. This strikes me as odd… but then again:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Eph. 6:12

3.) My responses sometimes dissolved into thin air. Back in 1993 a host could simply use a slide, switch, or dial to lower my volume. Those mechanisms would also allow him to cut off my voice, without my knowing it. Consequently, I could continue talking, not knowing that my answers were evaporating into thin air. They got caught in the last words of the last day (Part V), where they forgot to turn my volume all the way down and you can hear me faintly going on and on and on with my answer, since I could not hear them talking.

In the free-for-all that ensued, White trampled over my responses and I was rarely allowed to finish a comment or thought. Summarizing his technique, one person said, ‘Pardon me for talking while you are interrupting!’ One caller said to Mr. White, “I was thoroughly disappointed at your personal attack on Mrs. Riplinger in this disguise of debate format.” Callers could tell it was no debate, but an ambush.

White said on his Feb. 1, 2016 YouTube, “Gail Riplinger is lying, saying they were edited.” Using your forensic audio editing skills, as I did, check Part 3 (4:34) for a sample of deleted audio. There, ‘someone’ cut out the host asking me to respond, making it appear as if I ran into White’s statement.

A few of White’s errors on the program and elsewhere will be documented in an Addendum, seen later in this letter. My book, Blind Guides, documents many more, showing, for example, where he changes my quotes to give the impression of ‘gross misrepresentation.’

This topic is continued in Item 3.

2. White Refused to Debate

I am about to drop the A-Bomb. John Ankerberg, host of the televised John Ankerberg show, called me and asked if I would come on his show, along with James White and the chairmen and translators of the new versions (i.e. Barker (NIV), Farstad (NKJV, et al.), Wilkins (NASB), Wallace (NET). I agreed to be on the program, giving as my only stipulations that the exchanges be timed, so that I was not unfairly given less time and that I be able to set up my own camera in addition to his. He said he would ask White and the editors and get back with me.

When he called me back, he said that they refused my simple requirements. One-thousand pounds of Greek-speaking Goliaths were afraid of a little woman. Perhaps the sharp and powerful word of God was their real opponent and their “knees smote one against another.” White’s other debates followed debating rules much stricter than those I requested. It became apparent to me that they did not want to have a real discussion, but planned a non-academic ambush.

White has pretended all these years that I just wouldn’t come. He has never revealed that they refused my offer to debate. Let’s see how he gets out of the following documentation of his down-right lies about their refusal. All of the translators know of my gracious offer to debate both White and them. (But will they admit it?)
On his Feb 1, 2016 YouTube White said,

“I guarantee you. She won’t do it. She will not do it. She was invited to go on the John Ankerberg show in 1995. She didn’t do it.”

(He added the lie, “She sent a representative.” I sent no representative.)
On White’s introduction to the KRDS interview (DrOaklley1689 YouTube), he pretends,
“So you’re not going to hear Riplinger in a debate. She was invited to be a part of the Ankerberg program we did, but of course wouldn’t come. We did that in 1995.”
Here he is giving the impression that I would not engage him in real debate!!

“Mrs. Riplinger will not debate anyone anymore, because the last time she did it was Nov. of 1993.”

Again on his Feb 19, 2008 YouTube video he says,

“…my encounter with her in 1993, um, from that point on she wouldn’t do debates.”

(On a side note, my request to bring my own camera was not without reason. They DID boldly edit out of the Ankerberg program the pièce de résistance where the Lord gave the KJB side a victory. I had fasted for three days preceding the Ankerberg program, praying that the Lord would prevail and more specifically, that a new version editor would lose his ability to speak, as other new version editors had (and I had documented in New Age Bible Versions). Lo and behold, when the cameras were rolling, Ankerberg asked Wilkins of the NASB what he thought of my claim that some had lost their ability to speak, Wilkins could not speak. They had to cut the cameras off. Shock and horror filled the studio, according to those KJB men they had cajoled into participating.)

(I had to chuckle when I later spoke at a meeting in Lancaster, PA to a packed audience of 700. Ankerberg was holding a ‘conference’ in the basement of the convention center that same day. I peeked downstairs to see him and only two people had shown up and he was sitting in the front row talking to them. God has a sense of humor.)

3. White’s Deceitful Ambush

(Continued from Item 1)

White ambushed me on the radio program in 1993 and then continues to childishly pretend he “debated” me. The edited audio he sells was covered in item one.

My simple requests to Ankerberg in 1995 for a timed debate with White and a second camera were prompted by the previous and dishonest ‘encounter’ I had with White in 1993. I was asked to appear as the guest on a radio program in Arizona by a host who assured me of his approval of my book and love for the KJB. I agreed to speak and also take calls from the audience.

I was as shocked as Bill Cosby’s ‘girlfriends’ were with the ensuing ‘ambush.’ Is White the Bill Cosby of the debate circles; he debates you and you never knew it happened. Evidently he and the host were deceitful in getting me on the program. The host introduced the third show saying, “Well, I told you last week that I was attempting to arrange a debate.…” I was not on the line yet and didn’t hear this until I received the original tape from a listener.

White further added to the fable saying, “I talked to the host of the program and he said, “Hey, you know she says no one will debate her. So if you’d like to debate her…”” The fact is I never said, “…no one will debate me….” Someone, either White or the host, made this up. White said he was surprised that I returned for the next day. He knew I had not agreed to such a free-for-all to begin with.

I have been ambushed several times over the years, where the host assured me they strictly wanted to exalt the KJB and were not interested in entertaining any criticisms of it. The radio program with White began on false premises.

As I demonstrated in item 2, I would have enjoyed a real collegial debate with White and the translators. “Let all things be done decently and in order,” as the Bible requires (1 Cor. 14:40). But an unregulated cat-fight demonstrates nothing more than who is the biggest bully, bearing the least of the fruit of the Spirit, gentleness and meekness. What ever happened to the verse, “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves” (2 Tim 2:25).

Queen Elizabeth would walk right past White, looking for a gentleman, like Sir Walter Raleigh. A free-for-all also gives young women the impression that it is acceptable to bicker with their husbands and talk back. The aged women are to teach the younger women to be discreet.

White continues to claim that he debated me. White knows what a debate is. He has done a number of them, like the one he did on a Carnival Cruise ship (See Wikipedia: James R. White). The dictionary defines a debate as “a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting.” Everyone he has debated agreed to the debate and knew they were debating him when it occurred. In those instances the rules of debate, regarding timing and response, were followed.

Note the following documentation of his boasts that he debated me.
The bottom of his web site http://vintage.aomin.org/NABVR.html says,

• “For information on obtaining the tape of James White’s debate against Gail Riplinger click here.”
• “To listen to James White’s debate against Gail Riplinger click here.”
On his YouTube channel he introduces Part II with the words, “More of my radio “debate” with Gail Riplinger…”

His memory of the event is demonstrably foggy regarding our 1993 exchange. His says his involvement began “late one afternoon in 1994” (YouTube, DrOaklely1689, KRDS Radio).

It was 1993. So he can hardly challenge my recollection of it. Back then he was very young and relatively unknown, with no books or debates to his name. Saying he ‘debated’ me, a then well-known author, nearly 15 years his senior, was a boastful temptation for a fledgling. He became the sacrificial lamb for the new version editors, as they knew enough to fear engaging me directly. He took that springboard, riding on my coat tails, and has since made a career out of traveling between his cinder block basement, the tiny cinder block church where he teaches Sunday School, and Calvinist-carrying Carnival cruises. http://www.prbc.org/about/elders.htm

In Summary
• White begins in 1993 by ambushing, with the host’s permission, a radio program I did.
• He refused my offer of a real debate in 1995.
• Disingenuously and without ceasing, he pretends we had a debate in 1993 and that I would never debate after that.
• If he would not do a real debate and must rely on a radio ambush, which was misrepresented to me as to its nature at the very outset, I’d say he was a weasel, a chicken and a liar.
• He starts with a lie in 1993 and ends with more lies in 2016, with nothing but lies in between. Should I conclude that he is a liar?

“Ye are of your father the devil…he speaketh a lie…for he is a liar and the father of it.” John 8:44

More seriously, he has made a career of misrepresenting Christianity to lost Muslims, Mormons, and the like, who desperately need to hear the truth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who died for all, including every one of them, not just White’s Calvinistic elite and select elect.

Since he does not believe we have, between two covers, an infallible authority, where is his authority for asking Muslims to convert to Christianity and drop what they believe to be an infallible Koran, asks Stephen Shutt, who continues saying that the question is not one of ‘which Bible’ or ‘which text’ or ‘which reading.’ It is a question of authority. White has none. All of the Bibles are wrong somewhere, according to White. He then gets to “be as gods, knowing good and evil,” telling us which reading is good and which is evil (Gen. 3:5). Bart D. Ehrman, White’s agnostic debate opponent, is a child of White’s making. Ehrman logically concluded that a God who could not preserve the Bible he inspired was no God at all. If White cannot provide an infallible authority, he must stop debating or speaking on the ‘Bible’ issue, because he has no ‘Bible.’ (Webster defines the ‘Bible,’ as “the book of sacred writings used in the Christian religion.”) A papyrus fragment, a lexical citation, and a critical apparatus are not “the book.”

Back in 1995 when White was on the NASB committee, I agreed to debate him or any new version editor, declaring that the KJB was perfect and no other version was. Over the years, he and the new version editors have had to admit that none of their versions were entirely defensible. My debate offer is off, since none of them will debate, defending, in toto, any one version, as the inspired inerrant ‘Bible’. One cannot debate the ‘Bible’ version issue with someone who has no ‘Bible.’

There are the black sheep, white sheep, and wolves in sheep’s clothing. To gain entry into the fold, White bleats that he believes in the “inspiration, inerrancy and preservation of the Bible” (Mar. 5, 2015, Wretched, episode 1552). Given enough time and exposure, his sheep’s clothing succumbs to moths and his profession proves to be full of holes. According to him God’s ‘message’ is preserved somewhere in bits, spread all over thousands of manuscripts, lexicons and critical editions. I am glad God did not preserve elephants that way, leaving us to match a tail from Thayer, with tusks from Tregelles, and a trunk buried in the papyrus rubbish piles of Oxyrhynchus, Egypt.

To Mary the angel said, “And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead” (Mat. 28:7). I likewise proclaim that Jesus Christ, the Word, is not yet to be discovered in a dusty grave, nor is his word yet to be found in the dusty rubbish heaps of Oxyrhynchus (Ὀξύρρυγχος, meaning ‘sharp nosed’ like our Pinocchio boy, James White).

4. White’s Flight From Reason

In White’s efforts to defame me he concocted a video by mixing his own comments, his own made-up visual, and my voice. He posted his defamation, entitled Gail Riplinger on the Sinking of the Titanic, Feb. 19, 2008 on his You-tube channel called “Dr. Oakley1689 .“ He begins by saying,

“…I’ll put on the screen, cuz it took me a little while to listen to it to figure out what she was really saying. She’s actually doing a little more acrostic algebra type stuff and she’s actually making the claim that the sixes that she mentions add up to 666. You don’t catch that first time through.” (0:35)

If you listen to my audio alone, you will never hear that I make such a connection. Such an idea never occurred to me. I never mention 666, nor is there any acrostic or algebra in my discussion. White concocts a slide for his viewers to read while I am saying nothing of the kind. They assume that the slide and the idea is mine. The slide is White’s creation and the thesis he presents is his own fabrication.

(Gail Riplinger on the Sinking of the Titanic; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNyH5A_OZs8)

5. White’s Plight

Because White cannot defend the omissions and changes in the new versions, documented on the other nearly 700 pages of my book, New Age Bible Versions, he focuses on a tangential page where I used a Symbolic Logic exercise, similar to those taught in the Harvard Empirical and Mathematical Reasoning course EMR 017.

Using letters and symbols to represent propositions and relations in order to assist reasoning was developed by George Boole, inventor of Boolean Algebra. It is a method of representing logical expressions through the use of symbols and letters rather than ordinary language. It removes the ambiguity of ordinary language.

I guess some people go into ‘Theology’ because they cannot comprehend the simple ninth grade math sample I gave. When asked, Dr. Gerardus Bouw, Ph.D. in Astronomy and Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Baldwin Wallace University, had no problems understanding exactly what my Symbolic Logic exercise demonstrated.

White squeals like a girl when he sees my math problem, skirting his inability to follow my explanation, which he did not place on his slide interposed in his video of our radio encounter. He then focuses on the fact that I gave God the glory for helping me with the problem, as the Lord helps any Christian who asks. Why do pastors pray for the Lord’s help preceding sermons, if they do not expect him to give direction, help, and ideas? I am a Baptist and do not believe in extra-Biblical revelation, as he pretends. God speaks to no one today. White has no excuse to keep pretending I believe otherwise, since I have clarified my orthodox views ad nauseam for over twenty years. Of course he has to present me as some sort of nut, so that people will not actually read my books and find out that he and his new versions are faulty. “My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad” Psalm 34:2.

To make his false case he must take my statements out of context, and pretend HIS statement was MY statement. I said, “I suspect the Lord calls it the NASV. (He rudely interjects, ‘The Lord calls it the NASV’) I replied, “I don’t know, I’m just suggesting….” It is not a ‘Bible’ (NASB), but a false ‘Version’ (NASV). He places a slide over my voice which said, “The Lord calls it the NASV.” Those were HIS words, not mine. To correctly cite my sentence he could not capitalize the ‘T’ as that was not the first word in my sentence. If he wants to take it out of context he would have to write, “…[T]he Lord…”, bracketing his capitalization of ‘t.’ Either he does not know proper citation methods or he does not care, as citing it correctly would dispel the impression he is trying to give that I am a nut who thinks that God speaks to me. Of course, he interrupted me and I was given no time to explain in detail what I had said.

The following simple exercise in Symbolic Logic is taken directly from the latest digital edition of New Age Bible Versions, page 149, expanded and clarified for those, like White, who have not gone past basic math.

To see the byproduct of the new versions in today’s churches, you will not need to take a course in Symbolic Logic at Harvard. But a little empirical and mathematical reasoning, like that taught in their course EMR 017, will reveal the ashy residue on which the NIV and NASV rest. George Boole, who invented Boolean Algebra, also invented Symbolic Logic, using letters to represent abstract principles, as seen in the following example.

When you shake down the ‘Lite’ versions like the New American Standard Version (NASV) and the New International Version (NIV), you find some heresies which are common to both (like their common letters ‘N’ and ‘V’ as shown in Step 2.)
The heresies which fill the NASV and NIV are composed of those common to both (N, V) and those unique to each (like the letters A, S, I, as shown in Step 3.)
When the portions of the true text of the Authorized Version (AV) are removed from these other versions, the sheep’s clothing comes off and the brand on the hand of the wolf’s skin spells—SIN. (Steps 4-5:)
Step 1: (NASV-NIV)-AV = X
Step 2: (NASV-NIV)-AV = X
Step 3: (ASI+NV)-AV = X
Step 4: ASI+NV-AV = X
Step 5: SIN = X

The leaven has been added
The meal has been digested
The ‘New Christians’ are coming.

See sites such as:

Read the following books:
Symbolic Logic 5th Edition by Irving M. Copi
Introduction to Symbolic Logic and Its Applications by Rudolf Carnap

The face of Christianity is changing. ‘The Bride’ is beginning to look like ‘the Whore’. The heavy hand of the scribes, during their ‘make-over’ of the New Testament, has wrought this transformation.

6. White’s Real Plight

Diogenes would walk right past White, “looking for an honest man.” This issue is vastly more important than White’s struggle to do NIV “take away” NV. This is not a game, like baseball where with three strikes you are “out.” One stab at God’s word and you are “out” permanently, according to Rev. 22:18, 19. White’s participation with the NASB committee, which was so prone to “take away” and added words, places him in a position which should strike horror to his soul. It is for this reason that I haven’t bothered correcting his lies about me for the past twenty years. I am nothing. The word of God is everything. He has more serious charges to face, if he has disobeyed the following in his work on the NASB:

“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

White Error #1

On the 1993 KRDS radio program White said,

“Erasmus said if he could find one Greek manuscript that had 1 John 5:7-8 he would put it in his third edition.”

White’s penchant for repeating outdated mistakes from his old seminary textbooks always gets him in trouble. The world’s leading expert on Erasmus, Henk de Jonge, states in his “Erasmus and the Comma Johanneum,” that Erasmus never said ‘if he found one Greek manuscript he would put it in his third edition’ (Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses 56, 1980 pp. 381-89). White’s assertions are patently wrong. Even Bruce Metzger (who has a picture of himself and de Jonge in his autobiography) has finally admitted in a buried note in the Appendix to his third edition of The Text of the New Testament, that he was wrong and Erasmus never said that (p. 291, n. 2). James White and Daniel Wallace are still repeating this outdated idea of Metzger’s.

White Error #2

I guess White and I found each other hilarious on his radio ambush. He was laughing during one of my responses at the end and I during one of his. My lack of constraint arose from his unschooled comment that,

“Look at the bottom of the page (Nestle/Aland 4th edition). Anyone who has these critical texts has all the readings in the manuscripts right there in front of them. When I look at a passage I can tell you exactly what any of the manuscripts in the various manuscripts all through the Byzantine tradition so on and so forth. What they read…any readings that is in any of the tradition is found in the text or in the footnote.”

The critical apparatus is by no means an exhaustive representation of “all” of the readings in “any” of the 5,700 plus manuscripts. The editors would laugh at such naiveté. They cite only 7% of the cursive manuscripts, .02 % of the lectionaries, 33% of the versions and 24% of the church fathers.

On the screen during his video about the radio ambush, White interposes the German sigla representing the Hodges-Farstad, The Greek New Testament According to the Majority. Although White thinks that sigla represents the majority of Byzantine manuscripts, it represents a text actually taken from von Soden’s collation of only 414 manuscripts, not the multiplied thousands upon thousands of manuscripts in the Byzantine tradition. If White had read the preface of his Hodges-Farstad text he would have seen their admission that, “We were forced to rely on von Soden’s work…his presentation leaves much to be desired…” Only the group that von Soden called Kx was followed, generally. Among many others, Hodges-Farstad makes bald errors in John 21:7 and Romans 16:1.

In Blind Guides I go into great detail regarding the so-called Majority text editions, such as the Hodges-Farstad, the Pierpont-Robinson, et al., their underlying manuscripts, and White’s shallow understanding of the subject. For example, Robinson’s text of Revelation differs from Hodges-Farstad, with one leaning toward the 046 line and the other toward the Andreas line. White is patently naive in asserting that his apparatus and his Hodges-Farstad edition have it “all” (Robinson came to one of my lectures and asked questions. Watch his childish questions in the DVD Riplinger Testimony with Questions and Answers http://www.avpublications.com).

Not only are the apparatuses in the Nestle/Aland Greek text markedly incomplete, they contain bald errors. When the International Greek New Testament Project investigated most apparatuses, Colwell, a former president of the University of Chicago, determined that they “fail to cite witnesses accurately or completely.” Just check Nestle/Aland, then actually look at manuscript W in Luke 5:6, 16:31, Matt. 16:2-3, 26:26, and John 6:2. The truth is that all of the over 5,000 or so ‘Byzantine’ manuscripts have not been fully collated. Aland’s text, apparatus, and the institute that cherry-picks manuscripts to collate, has since his death, been taken over by his wife Barbara, the young student he left his wife for many years earlier. (No wonder his Greek text (and White’s NASB) omits the “adulterers” in James 4:4 (“adulterers and adulteresses” KJB). So today’s scholars are now relying on a text and apparatus under the purview of ‘a woman.’ How biblical is that?
For a complete discussion of White’s errors regarding his so-called majority text sigla see Blind Guides, ‘Woe Unto Them That Go Down to Egypt.’


White Error#3

Having abandoned the NASB, of which he was a part, White has now adopted a variety of translations, including what appears to be the HCSB. On his SermonAudio channel he preached a sermon entitled, “Give thanks to Yahweh.” Actually, ‘Yahweh’ is a mispronunciation of the name the anti-semitic German higher critics used to prove that the God of Israel was nothing more than an offshoot of the pagan gods Yaho, Yahu, or Ya-ve.


The KJB translators spoke numerous languages, which is why they did not use the name of the Cannanite deity in place of LORD or JEHOVAH. Every consonant and vowel of the Tetragrammaton is discussed thoroughly in chapter 11 of my book In Awe of Thy Word. The following excerpt from that book demonstrates White’s linguistic shortfall.

The Wāw in Gesenius’ [German] Hebrew Grammar and
other Hebrew textbooks is pronounced Vav, in English and
Hebrew. Readers misunderstand charts which say “Pronunciation…w,” not knowing that the letter ‘w’ is pronounced as a ‘v’ in German.

The sounds of Vav and the vowel which follows it, Kamatz
(a), can be heard on the instructional Hebrew web site
www.ejemm.com, pronounced exactly as it would be in JEHOVAH. (E. Kautzsch and A.E. Cowley, Gesenius Hebrew Grammar, 2nd English Edition, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1910, pp. 26-28 et. al; See also Menahem Mansoor, Biblical Hebrew, Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Book House, 1980, pp. 18, 19, 21.)

Even Americans have heard Hogan’s Heroes, Sergeant Schultz say to Colonel Klink, ‘Ya vool Kammandant,’ (spelled “Ja wohl Kammandant,” meaning ‘Yes, indeed Commander’). In German restaurants Schultz said, ‘viener schnitzel’ (spelled wiener), vile he listened to the tunes of Vägnùr (spelled, Wagner) and Lood-vikh fan Beethofen, (spelled, Ludwig van Beethoven).

In German, the letter ‘v’ is pronounced like an ‘f.’ Consequently, in Hebrew textbooks it was necessary to put the letter ‘w’ after the Hebrew vav (‘v’) so that German readers would know that the Hebrew letter ‘v,’ was not the German ‘f’ sound, but the sound of the letter ‘v’ represented by their letter ‘w.’ English speaking textbook authors and seminary professors have misunderstood this and misconveyed to their students that the Hebrew letter should be pronounced like the English ‘w,’ not the German ‘w.’

Where did the phony ‘weh’ sound in Yahweh come from? As Green said, “German sources.” In German “the “v” sound is rendered by the “double u” (“w”). Although the German critics spelled the name Yahweh, they pronounced it, Yahveh.

“In German…W takes the value that V has in English…In German the same symbol w is called Vey, because in that language it has the value of the English v…” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed. 1910-11, s.v. V; s.v. W; see also The Mysteries of the Alphabet, pp. 168, 170, 171).

Because Germans use the letter ‘w’ for the ‘v’ sound, those reading or translating German theological works have brought in the German letter ‘w’ for ‘v.’ It is not to be pronounced like an English ‘w,’ but like a ‘v.’ To further compound the confusion, unbelieving Catholic Bible critics have brought their Latin ‘w’ pronunciation to the letter ‘v.’

“The Latin V, however, was…like the English w…Early borrowings, like wine (Latin vinum [pronounced winum]) [and] wall (Latin vallum [pronounced wallum]), retain the w sound and are therefore spelt with w” (EB, s.v. V; s.v. W).

So we have Latin speaking Roman Catholic scholars and liberal German higher critics joining together to fight WW II against the God of Israel and the word of God. Even the NIV translators and editors of the corrupt Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament admit that confusion arises in part “because of past German influence on Hebrew studies.” Imagine 19th century anti-Semitic German scholars recasting the name of the God of Israel in the mold of Yaho, a pagan idol, who speaks with an untrained German accent!

To further compound the confusion, there are two conflicting Hebrew systems of pronunciations: 1.) the Ashkenazi, a German method from Jews who immigrated to Germany and central Europe and then some to America and 2.) the classic Sephardi. (R. Laird Harris, Gleason L. Archer, Bruce Waltke, Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, Chicago: Moody Press, 1980, vol. 2, p. x; The American Dictionary of the English Language, s.v. W; Mansoor, p. 33.)

Read my 1200 page book, In Awe of Thy Word, to read what is wrong with the rest of the letters in the name of the Holman Christian Standard Bible’s and James White’s pagan Canaanite deity, Yahweh. Also read NIV Errors: Answers Minton I to get answers to some of White’s 2015 errors. http://www.avpublications.com.

Also, read more of James White’s errors in the following:


This open letter has whittled down
White’s Pinocchio Oxyrhynchus (Greek for ‘sharp nose’).
Believe me, he will have it back up to size quickly
in trying to respond to this chain-saw of a letter,
his speed unsurpassed by the
the cycling wicked witch from
wizard of Ahs.

Dr. Kent Hovind on “Big White Lies: James White a False Accuser?” By Gail Riplinger


  1. Reply
    Dan Wooldridge says

    Well, I think I am in love (in a purely Christian way) with this girl. And to think that I thought that I had my own unfair critics :-). I ought to say that I am not a Baptist but I am a born again Christian who believes that without holiness no man will see the Lord. I am beyond doubt a person who knows that if God inspires his word then he is more than capable of preserving his word.

    One of the more prominent traits that miraculously came into my life on my been born again was a capacity for kindness and gentleness. Imagine my surprise when I first became aware of the veracity and ferocity levelled at anybody who dared to “presume” that God could present his perfect word into the English language. Of all languages English can hide and mix up connotations and thought processes. It has the ability to blend and meld emotion and logic to deliberately or unintentionally deceive the simple. It is the prime example of the effects of the Tower of Babel and yet God, in his wisdom and mercy, is able to tame this Serpentine language and produce a piece of literature whose linguistic beauty one could spend a lifetime peering into.

    Quite apart from the KJV 1611 Holy Bible being the word of God in English it outstrips any other form or presentation of English as a language or a written Testament. In spite of the wisdom and truth that it proclaims what about the endless literary devices that are continually uncovered as one ponders them?

    I say, “well said Sister Gail Riplinger.”

    Cheers for now

  2. Reply
    Keith whitlock says

    Excellent article.

  3. Reply
    James Alpeter says

    I’m grateful to the Lord that we have defenders such as Gail Riplinger, Chris Pinto & Kent Hovind to stand against false prophets like James White (a shame to the name of James), Westcott & Hort, as well as others that would twist God’s word for their own purposes, or even worse, the purposes of the enemy. I have had to struggle with family members who think that I’m wrong, but I’m emboldened to take a stand with the evidence that Gail Riplinger & Chris Pinto have given to me to stand for truth. Remember that “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”(Ephesians 6:12). May God have mercy on us as we enter the End Times & Age of Deceit

  4. Reply
    Anthony Grigajtis says

    I see he no longer calls himself “Doctor White” on his website. He fought about this for a long time until he was exposed.
    This shows me two things about him:
    He wants the notoriety of men that is associated with being a doctor.
    When confronted with truth he will contend with it.
    White is consistent in building himself up as the authority over God’s word and is against anyone who believes God is able and has the power to preserve his word as found in the Authorized Version.
    The evidence shows he is petty, divisive, and devious.
    I wouldn’t waste my time with this person. He reminds me of a leach.

  5. Reply
    keith says

    Sister Gail Riplinger’s dedication, tenacity, and anointing from the Most High God to expose the lies from the anti-Christ does not go unnoticed by s*t*n and counter attacks from him are inevitable. I would love to see a one on one discussion between Sister Gail and any of her detractors.

    She is so correct when she refers to Ephesians 6:12 (kjv), namely, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” in reference to White’s motivations.

    No one in the Christian community should further consider anything White says but the rather we should completely ignore him until and unless he addresses, in a tit for tat fashion, every point brought up by sister Gail in this open letter. I for one will enjoy ignoring White for the rest of his or my natural life as I doubt he is stupid enough to further expose himself as the bald faced liar he’s become with regards to sister Gail.

    Even so, the Lord is rich in Mercy and even James White was on the mind of Jesus while our Lord and Saviour hung dying on the Cross; so understanding, there may come a day and hour that James White repents and confesses his sins. If that day and hour does occur, I trust White will seek out Gail Riplinger and allow her to share in the joy of his personal salvation.

    (To Sister Gail: I am always amazed at how your rather small frame could wield such a mighty sword and contain such a huge heart. Thank you so very much for being such a Warrior. Prayers for you, your family, and ministry.)

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    NBA 2k16 says

    Keep up the excellent work !! Lovin’ it!|

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