Dr. Kent Hovind Debate LIVE on the Vigilant Christian


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    Russell says

    Get em Kent!

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    Rose says

    Praying for you . GOD will restore all you’ve lost , know that your labor is not in vain .

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    Min says

    I’m so glad pastor hovind is back!!! I love the debates, it makes me truly see how big GOd is

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    Min says

    Ken ham had a debate in Kentucky with bill nye the science guy, and I believe he did okay, but I really would love to see Pastor Hovind debate Bill nye. I love pastor Hovind’s passion in the way that he defends God’s creation. I feel so sorry for people that refuse to accept God’s love and the truth.

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    Matthias says

    Kent won!

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    Roy says

    Easy to win a debate when you’re right. Seems like a deeper issue as to why Wayne’s belief is what it is. He’s obviously not being honest with himself. Thanks Kent for what you do. Been watching all your material since 2001.

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    Joseph Dobis says

    Hi Dr. Hovind. Great to see you back debating. Hope all is well, and know we are praying for you.


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    travis york says

    keep up the good work kent!

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