Evolution Fraud On Verge Of Extinction

Dr. Kent Hovind gives his take on the article, “Evolutions Science Status” from website Darwin Then and Now.

Evolution’s Science Status

The status of evolution as a science is verging closer to extinction following a work shop in Germany last month. The essence and definition of science was on center stage at this historical convening of the leading physicists and philosophers of science last month. The meeting convened in the Romanesque-style Ludwig Maximilian University lecture hall. Science writer Natalie Wolchover covered the story for Quanta Magazine entitled “A Fight for the Soul of Science” and later reprinted by on TheAtlantic.com entitled “Physicists and Philosophers Hold Peace Talks.”

The fundamentals of physics currently face a critical problem, explained Nobel laureate David Gross to the three-day work shop attendees – a watershed moment for science. Wolchover explained, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Specifically, at stake is whether the new concepts in emerging in physics – specifically, the string and multiverse concepts – is true science or just a philosophy. The pivotal issue centers on whether empirical evidence is still required to establish a scientific theory. Since science standards apply across the spectrum of the natural sciences, the outcome also determines the evolution’s science status.

Essentially, scientists and philosophers discussed how the “string theory” is a pseudo-science. Evolutionism is a religion based in science ficition and not in reality.

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Dr. Kent Hovind’s commentary on article “Evolution’s Science Status”

Dr. Kent Hovind has been battling the lies in textbooks for decades as well as informing the public the dangers of evolution in his “Creation Seminars Series” that is available on DVD and online for FREE at his YouTube Channel “Kent Hovind Official”.


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    Thanks Dr. Hovind! You have taught me a lot about creation and about the lies in textbooks. I love your jokes and what you talk. You are amazing keep making awesome videos.

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    Love it,truth is foundation that seals up the confusion of everyday life.thank you

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