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Evolutionist Michio Kaku Admits There Is A God

Michio Kaku Admits There Is A GodMichio Kaku, an American futurist and theoretical physicist at the City College of New York, has come out and said that the universe must have a designer and that He is “God”. For a man who constantly promotes of the lie of evolutionism in public schools and in university halls, this is a huge admission of faith in the Creation account in the Holy Bible.

In case Professor Kaku is afraid to talk about the origins of man, let me tell you where the Bible documents the Creation of the universe… In Genesis 1:1, the first sentence goes like this, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

You see, the answer to the scientific quandary atheists are gung-ho about is in Genesis. To answer the ‘hard questions’ atheists are constantly asking themselves on how the universe was created… let’s answer it real quick for you… the universe was not created 13.8 billion years ago and humans were created by God not some radioactive chicken noodle primordial soup that brewed at scorching hot temperatures 4.6 billion years ago. Click here to learn the truth about the age of the earth.

“Some people ask the question, what good is math?” Michio Kaku starts out staying in the video ‘Is God a Mathematician?

“What is the relationship between math and physics. Sometimes math leads, sometimes physics leads and sometimes they come together because of course there is a use for mathematics.”

Hold it right there. None led and the other followed. They were both created at the same time when God created the heaven and the earth. All things men study, God created… just remember that.

Professor Kaku goes on to state that “In the 1600’s Issac Newton asked a simple question ‘If an apple falls, then does the moon also fall?’ and is perhaps one of the greatest questions ever asked by a member of homo-sapiens since the 6-million years since we parted ways with the apes.”

Professor Kaku (and this goes for Bill Nye the science guy and friends), please stop using believer in Jesus Christ and Creationist Sir Issac Newton to advance your bizarre theory of the big bang. Trying to weave Issac Newton in with your fairy tale that man evolved from ape ancestors is disingenuous. Especially since followers of the religion of evolutionism like to make hilarious statements like “no Christian scientist has ever invented something for the betterment of mankind” or “stop using your cell-phone if you don’t like evolution since we scientists are the ones that developed the stuff you are using”… Okay atheists, of the many sciences and mathematics Sir Issac Newton theorized, studied, researched and developed on, which includes calculus (you know the study of mathematics to develop software that computers and cellphones function on) please stop using and see how far it gets you…


Okay, back to the original intent of this article….

An even better and more brilliant question that would leave believer in Jesus Christ and Sir Issac Newton trembling is, “If something came from nothing, then did nothing come from something?” You see, Issac Newton believed that the universe was designed by God and not a big bang like Kaku believes. He didn’t believe that we evolved and parted ways from apes 6-million years ago.

After a handful of minutes in his video “Michio Kaku: Is God a Mathematician” talking about how deep the study and development of physics and math can go (as far as pushing the limits of our understanding of dimensions) Professor Kaku finally gets to the nuts and bolts of the matter.

“…out of physics came new mathematics (the understanding of) super numbers, super topology, super differential geometry, all of a sudden we had supersymmetric theories coming out of physics that then revolutionized mathematics. So, the goal of physics we believe is to find an equation, one inch long, which will unify all the forces of nature and read the mind of God.”

There you have it. Professor Kaku admits there is a God and that we super ape humans can super downsize Him into a small dot on a page like the Big Bang.

When will these people finally admit there is an amazing God that created the Earth and the Universe and that he loves us, wants us to know his Son Jesus Christ and live in freedom with Him and His Creation?

Professor Michio Kaku, if you ever read this article… Please learn about Jesus Christ and God, ask him to lead you in your life. Then lead other atheists and evolutionists that follow you to the Lord. There is no greater joy in life than leading others to the truth that is Jesus Christ.

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