Mark of the Beast Begins with Rise of Machines AI

Rise of the Machines AI is the Mark of the Beast

Rise of Machines, keep an eye of AI – which is artificial intelligence. Back in Revelation 13 and Revelation 14, two thousand years ago, Apostle John said you can not buy or sell with out the mark (of the beast).

The mark is 666 will be the mark of the beast, interesting.

Google computer stunning 3-0 face-off in a man vs. machine in a board game highlights the ultimate need to keep AI under control, experts said saturday.

“And while AI plays a key role in building a better, safer world, some fear the fast pace of development could finally leave humans outwitted by our own inventions.”

Ya, think? Ha…

“AI shows that the methods we do have are even more powerful than we first thought,” said AI expert Stuart Russell of the University of California’s Berkeley Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences department.

Saying that they want to develop AI and keep it under control is like saying “we are going to develop the nuclear bomb and keep it under control or like we are going to develop the rifle and keep it under control – it will never be used for bad”…

Watch 666 Mark of the Beast is Rise of the Machines AI

READ FULL ARTICLE, “Rise of the Machines: Keep an eye on AI, say experts“.


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    Kaj Avila says

    Nice, Kent. Youre awake and that is more we can say of many christians. This AI, or Transhumanism, is highly in progress today, and they are working hard through Quantum computing. Cern is one of the center facilities and new discoveries are made of our DNA every day. Surely they will biologically plant this AI in human kind so they are connected to the WWW all the time. It will be available for everyone to take this mark, 666. As it is written: Antichrist will cause them to take it, and they will ask for it. The gap between saved sinners and lost are geting bigger! Thank you and bless you brother!

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    dan lash says

    The number 666 is not the identity of an individual. It is rather a number to be decrypted during the Great Tribulation in order that they may conduct commerce apart from receiving the mark. The exhortation to calculate the number is for the Tribulational saint and not for the individual today. I have done a study on this and would enjoy sharing it with you some day.

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    Matthew says

    If someone takes the mark of the beast can they still be saved

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