More Big White Lies : James White Tries to Hide

More Big White Lies James WhiteArticle “MORE BIG WHITE LIES” by Gail Riplinger – a follow up article to the original “Big White Lies : James White Wants Authority Over God’s Word in The KJV“.

White has gone into panic mode, since “Big White Lies” opened people’s eyes.

  • Quickly, he posted an old video clip, which had already been soundly refuted seven years ago by one of the participants in the Ankerberg TV program.
  • Then, White prattles for an hour on his moonshine Dividing Line program, producing a borderline Frankenstein of a response with bits and pieces of old sewn-together knee-jerk reactions.
  • Why do people, like James White, keep going against the Holy Bible, when they are so soundly trounced by their opponents? The answer: Whether you are a leader on the losing or winning side, in your mind, you are still a leader. This is what keeps Lucifer going, and his minions also.

    New White Lies. He Switches Ankerberg Clips!

    Observe the following chronology. Then watch James White (new version contributor and KJB opponent) twist them, “as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction” (2 Peter 3:16).

  • Ankerberg asks new versions editors if editors lose their voices, as discussed in Riplinger’s New Age Bible Versions.
  • The camera goes to Don Wilkins, NASB editor. He loses his voice!
  • Ankerberg stops the cameras and orders operator to film over that. Dr. Chambers objects, saying this occurrence is shocking. Ankerberg ignores him. That original clip is gone forever.
  • In a later program, after Wilkins has regained his voice, Ankerberg asks him a question about other documentation in New Age Bible Versions.
  • Wilkins haltingly replies, clearing his throat, taking a sip of water, and nervously jokes about losing his voice earlier.
  • White plays the old shell game, pretending segment number 5, a later segment (when Wilkins was still slightly recovering from his ‘lost voice’ episode) was THE original traumatic incident number 2!! The real incident was long and rather traumatic. The later incident involved a simple clearing of the throat, sip of water, a nervous laugh, and a snicker about losing one’s voice previously.

    The vital thing to notice is that Ankerberg is asking two different questions!

    The Documentation: See For Yourself

    In White’s desperate attempt to respond to Big White Lies, he resurrects his old 2008 lying response to the continued assertion (by the three KJB men who were part of the Ankerberg TV program in question) that one editor lost his voice, immediately after editors were asked by Ankerberg if editors lost their voice. White posts this clip of segment number 5 on Facebook (Feb. 15, 2016) and repeats it on his Dividing Line YouTube program (Feb. 16, 2016). In it he pretends to have found the deleted clip of the incident where NASV translator Don Wilkins lost his voice and was unable to answer, when TV host John Ankerberg asked if any translators had lost their voices. In White’s clip (5) of a later incident, Wilkins clears his throat briefly. Obviously, it was not a ‘gotcha moment.’ White pretends this later incident is THE missing deleted footage.

    Sam Gipp was on the same Ankerberg program, sitting not 6 feet away from Wilkins when he really lost his voice. In 2009 Gipp responds to White’s wrong video clip. Gipp says that the clip White shows is NOT the incident in question. Most revealingly, the question Ankerberg asks Wilkins, in White’s video clip number 5, is not the same question asked in the incident where Wilkins lost his voice. In the original incident Ankerberg had asked Wilkins about new version editors losing their voices. That is why Wilkin’s inability to speak was so poignant. In White’s new clip, Ankerberg is asking a question about a different topic. Watch Gipp explain White’s lie.

  • “The James White Cover Up! By Sam Gipp” (2009) at https://youtu.be/qeLSfqemyu4
  • Evidently, when Wilkins got over his shocking inability to answer the question, when asked another question, at another time, the previous incident was still on his mind, so he mentions it, after clearing his throat. White uses this later incident (number 5) and pretends this is the original lost voice (number 2):

  • “The “Lost” Frog in the Throat Found!” (originally Feb. 27, 2008) at https://youtu.be/SMp5VnSQe40
  • White then mocks God and asks, in effect, if this modest throat clearing is the best God can do. Gipp says White knows he is lying, as both men were there.

    In the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established. Dr. Joseph Chambers was also on this Ankerberg program, representing the KJB (not representing me, as Ankerberg pretends). He concurs with Sam Gipp that Wilkins lost his voice when Wilkins was asked if new version editors had lost their voices. Chambers discusses this beginning at 57:30 minutes, toward the end of the program.

  • “Texe Marrs Interviews Pastor Joe Chambers” at https://youtu.be/H4mzFyKaPlQ
  • White was there. He knows he is misrepresenting what happened. Tsk…Tsk…Tsk.

    I will bet White’s parents warned him, ‘What a tangled web we weave when once we practice to deceive.’

    (Eight programs, totaling three hours and forty-five minutes, were filmed in the exchanges between the new version editors and the KJB proponents. But most of the TV programs were not aired. Ankerberg’s major TV outlet dropped him entirely after the first two of these anti-KJB programs, due to the public outcry that the six new version proponents spoke almost all of the time, allowing the mere three KJB supporters to scarcely speak at all. If the KJB men got a point in, you can be sure it landed on the cutting room floor. The film was highly edited, allowing only exchanges in which the new version editors appeared to gain ascendency by interrupting their opponents’ answers. My simple request for a second camera and timed responses was not without reason.)

    ON ANOTHER POINT, Ankerberg’s question to Wilkins was totally fabricated (made up).

    Ankerberg looks down, seemingly at my book, New Age Bible Versions, as if quoting, and says,

    “Another thing that she says that we have meant to pick up on is this that the editors of the NASV, NIV, and New King James, as a result of their working and thinking, five have lost their voices, or has gone insane, and another died prematurely.” “Did some editors of the newer translations lose their voice, go insane or die prematurely?”

    Of course the NASV, NIV, and New King James editors proceed to deny that. Case closed. Another straw man defeated. Because nowhere in New Age Bible Versions did I say that. See pages 446 to 448, where the five voiceless editors, Kenneth Taylor, B.F. Westcott, Samuel Tregelles, J.B. Phillips, and Philip Schaff, were discussed. None of them were on the committees Ankerberg listed and represented by the editors on the Ankerberg program.

    2. Furthermore, Ankerberg pretends I said NIV, NASB, and New King James translators ‘die prematurely.’ Such a topic is never discussed in New Age Bible Versions about any translator. Ankerberg made it up and took a good bit of time letting the translators refute his imaginary accusation.

    3. B.F. Westcott resurrected and fomented the corrupt Greek readings underlying the wicked omissions in the NIV, NASB, ESV, and HCSB. Ankerberg was eager to defend him from accusations of heresy, which even secular sources have documented. Wilkins attempts to defend Westcott. Wilkins proceeds, in White’s video clip (5), to show his weak skills in reading comprehension IN ENGLISH (and we are to trust him with Greek?). He cited a direct quote from The Life and Letters of B.F. Westcott, interpreting it without the words, “not,” and “but.” (Imagine if God said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” and someone took out the “not.” Or as “Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven” Matt. 18:22.) Westcott’s son wrote, referring to Westcott’s club to investigate instances of contact with the dead through séances (forbidden in the Bible, as necromancy!),

    “What happened to this Guild [The Ghostly Guild] in the end I have not discovered. My father ceased to interest himself in these matters, not altogether, I believe, from want of faith in what, for lack of a better name, one must call Spiritualism, but because he was seriously convinced that such investigations led to no good. (Vol. 1, p. 119).

    To help reading comprehension, I often suggest the reader substitute familiar words into the structure. For example:

    “What happened to the motorcycle gang in the end I have not discovered. My father ceased to interest himself in the activities of the gang, not generally, I believe, from lack of interest in what, for lack of better name, one must call motorcycle riding, but because he was seriously convinced that gang activities led to no good.’

    Or more briefly, “I quit eating ten pieces of pie a day, not in the main because I don’t like sweets, but because it was making me fat.”
    Wilkins slips right past the words “not” and “but,” as in “not…from want of faith in…Spiritualism….” Perhaps Wilkins does not know what ‘want’ means. It means ‘lack’, as to be in ‘want’ of, that is, not lacking faith in Spiritualism.

    (The online dictionary includes the following synonyms for and definitions of “altogether”: ‘in general,’ ‘by and large’, ‘in the main’, ‘on the whole,’, ‘overall,’, ‘generally,’ ‘utterly’ and ‘for the most part.’ Placing any of those synonyms in the sentence does not nullify the oppositional nature of “not…but”.)

    What is Spiritualism?

    “(Religion) – the belief that people can and do communicate with dead people and the practices and doctrines of people with this belief. (Philosophy) – In a philosophical doctrine or religious beliefs emphasizing that spirits and souls exist or that all reality is spiritual, not material…(Metaphysics) – various doctrines maintaining that the ultimate reality is spirit or mind… (Ethics) – the view that spiritual concerns are more important than this-worldly concerns (a kind of idealism or asceticism that is opposed to secularism). (Epistemology) – another term for mysticism.” (Wikipedia: Spiritualism (belief))

    Westcott moved from embracing the first definition of Spiritualism (communication with the dead), held in his early years, to the other definitions, as the years progressed. Secular standard works identify Westcott as a mystic and Platonist. These are all documented in New Age Bible Versions, because such dangerous beliefs have consequently crept into new Bible versions. Wrongly James May says, “In the first place, there is no linkage between mysticism and spiritualism.” (Wikipedia, B.F. Westcott). The very same encyclopedia differs with him. Wikipedia says, in its article on B.F. Westcott,

    “He studied assiduously The Sacred Books of the East, and earnestly contended that no systematic view of Christianity could afford to ignore the philosophy of other religions. The outside world was wont to regard him as a mystic; and the mystical, or sacramental, view of life enters, it is true, very largely into his teaching. He had in this respect many points of similarity with the Cambridge Platonists of the 17th century, and with F.D. Maurice, for whom he had profound regard.[4]”

    Mr. May, do you know what heresy caused F.D. Maurice to be discharged from his position? Do you know why Westcott’s sons went to study, not preach, in India? Do you know who called himself Westcott’s protégé? Do you know the current topics of the Teape Lectures in Westcott Hall and why that is important? Westcott’s spiritualism and mysticism is fully documented in New Age Bible Versions and James Sightler’s A Testimony Founded Forever (http://www.avpublications.com).

    4. James May quotes Westcott, touting his Incarnational theology. Sounds good. But, just as today’s cults redefine Christian terminology, Westcott was a master at it. It is necessary to read all of Westcott’s books, as well as all of the books by the men Westcott referenced, to understand how he is using a term.

    It takes years to completely immerse oneself in the writings of late nineteenth century British philosophers and theologians, which I did. Others, like Dr. James Sightler, author of A Testimony Founded Forever, and Dennis Palmu, member of the North American Conference on British Studies, whose personal library on that subject is unsurpassed, have also spent years on just that topic. They share my conclusions about Westcott.

    Westcott’s focus on the Incarnation was done at the expense of the Atonement. Westcott was a proponent of what is today called ‘Incarnational Theology.’ This is demonstrated in detail in Dr. Sightler’s book. Westcott, like liberal theologians today, believe that Jesus came to lead an exemplary life, which we are to follow. More dangerously, Westcott and others dismiss the atonement and man’s sinful nature, even claiming that his incarnation was to deify men.

    The quotes below, from so-called ‘Church Fathers,’ whom Westcott loved, summarize Westcott’s views on the ‘Incarnation,’ wherein Jesus was incarnated to show us we can become God also.

  • Athanasius of Alexandria (c. 296-373)

    “Therefore He was not man, and then became God, but He was God, and then became man, and that to deify us“.

    “…for as the Lord, putting on the body, became man, so we men are deified by the Word as being taken to Him through His flesh.” “For He was made man that we might be made God
  • Gregory of Nazianzus implores humankind to “become gods for (God’s) sake, since (God) became man for our sake.”

    Likewise, he argues that the mediator “…wear the Body which He assumed, until He make me God by the power of His Incarnation.”

    “Through the medium of the mind he had dealings with the flesh, being made that God on earth, which is Man: Man and God blended. They became a single whole, the stronger side predominating, in order that I might be made God to the same extent that he was made man.”
  • This philosophy is rampant in seminaries today and its fruitless outworkings are manifest, as seen in this link: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/july-august/the-problem-with-incarnational-ministry.html

    It is very dangerous for White and May to comment and debate on a subject, such as B.F. Westcott, after having merely read a handful of books on the subject and grabbing a snippet from the Life and Letters of Westcott.

    For example, May cites the yellow journalism paper, Borderland, and Westcott’s quotation from this scum sheet. Does May know anything more about its publisher, other than what he can read on Wikipedia? Does he know William Stead’s scandalous reputation, his relationship with Rhodes (See Riplinger, Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers) and why Westcott wanted to distance himself from him? Stead sunk with the Titanic. It’s unfortunate that his occultism did not sin with him. Bishop Westcott wanted his church members to come to him for their ‘communion with the saints,’ in his cathedral, not by fraternizing with low class paid mediums. Those who compete for the souls of men and for the devil’s power, do not get along.

    White’s Feeble Feedback to Big White Lies

    Alpha Omega Ministries, Dividing Line “A Mega Plus (2:20) Long Dividing Line!” Feb. 16, 2016

    One of White’s followers on Facebook said they couldn’t wait to hear his response to Big White Lies. They are still waiting, as his response included little more than his congenital eye rolling, childish name-calling (calling me ‘certifiably insane,’ ‘desperately delusional,’ ‘unbalanced,’ ‘infantile,’ and not ‘functional’). He simply repeated lies, long ago refuted in Blind Guides

    such as that I am an interior designer. In fact, I taught English for three years to Greek-speaking immigrants. My terminal degree is in Industrial (not Interior!) and Environmental Design and I taught, among other things, Theory of Architecture I, II, III for one of the nation’s top ranked Colleges of Architecture and Environmental Design. For the past twenty-six years, I have worked full-time researching the Bible version issue and its ancillary topics, history and linguistics. When I was a child I determined to read every book in the library. When I did my graduate and undergraduate work in college, I did not have to attend some classes, as I had already read every book available on the topics. Yet I got straight A’s by merely taking the exams. As a university professor I was sometimes asked to teach classes covering a broad range of topics. I learned quickly that no secret hand shake or baton-passing degree is needed to read every book and juried journal available on any topic, then confidently teach that subject at the university level, finishing with the highest ranked student reviews in the university. I have never been among those who need the direction and prompting of an instructor to explore and learn a topic. (Psa. 62:9, Luke 16:15, 1 Cor. 2:5) Thomas Jefferson was trained as a lawyer, but also designed Monticello (no architectural degree), invented the swivel chair and the storm window (no Industrial Design degree), compiled a study of Indian Dialects and spoke and wrote in six languages (no linguistic degrees), was an expert in mathematics and an innovator in horticulture (with no degrees in either) and was president of the American Philosophical Society (no degree in Philosophy). He was able to excel in many areas, because there was no TV or internet. These are now attenuating the minds and souls of today’s generation, keeping them from going beyond their singular field of study or employment.

    White begins charging KJB people who reject his “Truth” over “certainty.” That is exactly what wicked Madame Blavatsky and new Greek text editor, B.F. Westcott, said, as documented in New Age Bible Versions. Whose ‘Truth’? What is his authority for determining ‘Truth.’ He has none. Jesus said, “…thy word is truth” (John 17:17). But White is the arbiter of his own ‘Truth,’ not any Holy Bible, in print, between two covers. This is how cults begin.

    He never addressed the linguistic evidence proving that his faulty pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton as Yahweh, instead of JEHOVAH, is wrong. He hopes his followers never read Big White Lies, documenting his error about Erasmus and the critical apparatus (which he pretends I cannot read). All of the technical topics I addressed were completely ignored in his ‘response.’ We are to assume he has no answers.

    He did admit several things, however.

  • I could have been ambushed on the KRDS radio program, which he has illegally aired (sermon audio) and sold on his website. (My lawyer said, “…it is clear that using another’s likeness (voice or video) for profit without their consent is illegal”). White boasts in his response that as far back as the 90s, “We were distributing this.…”
  • White did apologize for fabricating a video wherein he gave the impression that I was concluding something nutty. The nutty idea was his. Let’s give him credit for that. Let’s see if he is man enough to remove the video from YouTube before he compounds his culpability.
  • His engineer did admit to using compression on the radio program and editing it.
  • White’s nose did grow a foot when attempting to answer many charges in Big White Lies.

  • He pretends a rudimentary symbolic logic problem, using only letters to represent concepts, is numerology. He needs to update the prescription for his glasses, as the problem included NO NUMBERS. The dictionary defines ‘numerology’ as “the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers.” I believe Numerology is a wicked form of divination, which is forbidden in the Bible. But pretending I would approve of such a wicked practice is White’s only way to discredit me and ignore my scholarly refutation of his errors.
  • Right before the viewer’s very eyes, White shows that he does in fact know how to tamper with the audio characteristics of a voice. He plays a clip of my speaking and announces, as he adjusts the dial, that he will alter the voice and speed it up to save time.
  • More new lies!!! My favorite part of his response was when he played a brand new altered clip of the KRDS radio program, altering my voice once again, so that it was now as loud and clear as his. He lowered the volume for his voice and raised that of mine. In his original altered version, my voice was very low and his was booming. He now has modulated it so that they are even. They are not even the same decibel level in the original cassette! I hope the listeners will take the time to go to the digitized edition he has been airing for decades and note the extreme difference between that and his brand spanking new clip. Run, James, run and either take your original edited version down quickly, or even out the volume to match your new clip. Instead of clearing yourself, you are compounding your culpability. [T]he lips of a fool will swallow up himself. (Eccl. 10:14)
  • He suggests, rather demands, that we send our original cassette copies to a neutral party to compare. Duh…. The question is not how alike both original cassettes are; one question posed was how different his digitized, edited, and internet-published edition was from the original analog audio cassettes.
  • In spite of my numerous foreign language Bible collations and articles on my website http://www.purebiblepress.com, he insists I “can’t read a word of it.”

    Simply click on any language, listed in the lower right hand corner of that site. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “here.” A PDF will appear, showing the collation or article written on various languages by myself.

    You will see, for example, my Chinese collation. Although my more recent collation favors the CKJV from http://ckjv.asia/ebible.html over the Schereschewsky.

    My article demonstrating a preference for the Spanish Reina Valera Purificada can be read here.
  • How deeply buried in the sand is White’s head? He has had to pretend for so long that I am an idiot (so that folks will not read my books and thereby see how ill-conceived his NASB is), I believe he has started to believe it himself.

    The motivation behind White’s conscienceless and forceful fabrications may come from two things.

  • White’s brand of Calvinism began with John Calvin, who burned Servetus slowly at the stake for theological reasons. Forced conversions and ‘death to heretics’ are medieval Catholic and Islamic practices, not Christian practices. His Calvinism teaches that he must bring a temporal kingdom, without King Jesus, whether by influence or, like Calvin, by force.
  • Calvinist David Black’s new Bible versions, The International Standard Version, shares the ideology that forcefulness is how the kingdom advances. He translated Matt. 11:12 as,

    “From the days of John the Baptist until the present, the kingdom from heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people have been attacking it.”

    The Calvinist-influenced NIV changes Mark 1:41 from “And Jesus moved with compassion…” to “Jesus was indignant…”

  • A Calvinist believes that all things are ordained by God, even evil. Might that not encourage them to not subdue their carnal nature? (See New Age Bible Versions for documentation of the NIV editor’s beliefs in this regard.)
  • Add these two beliefs to the universal temptation to “be as gods, knowing good and evil” and you have a recipe for James White forceful fabrications. Just hypothesizing…
  • Violence gives an R rating to James R. and his Reformed religion, with its verbal and visceral violation of the tenants and words of the Holy Bible. Ask Servetus about the slow-burning green twigs and the irritating, suffocating and explosive sulfur added to his head.

    “Of whom be thou ware also for he hath
    greatly withstood our words…”
    2 Tim. 4:15

    White’s followers (some joining the third part of the stars of heaven Rev. 12:4) and some great Christians raised the following questions, to be answered here:

    1. Jonathan Sampson says that the King James doesn’t guard us from heresy.

    Neither did the Hebrew ‘originals,’ as Israel was in apostasy and their Talmud and wicked Kabbala show that they held false doctrines and heresy. The Old Testament itself documents their rebellion. Jesus himself addressed their vain ‘traditions.’

    I was happy to receive a phone call from Jonathan. We discussed the meaning of Bible words. I asked him how he determined the meaning of Bible words and he cited, among other things, the context. By his own criteria then, the word ‘fornication’ (KJB) has a very specific meaning and excludes any physical contact between non-married parties. Jonathan thought that perhaps, in his words, “petting” might be allowed. But the context defines fornication saying, “Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband” (1 Cor. 7:1, 2).

    Men will have to cut their dates short, if they use a KJB, but the NASB will give some subjective latitude with its substitute word “immorality”. Dictionary.com cites the following usage to define ‘immorality’:

    more-white-lies-1“No decent person who is made aware of the realities of life under occupation for Palestinians can fail to see its immorality.”
    The accompanying picture was actually an advertisement on a pro-Calvinist website I was reading while researching this article, no doubt prompted by the NASB’s use of the vague word “immorality,” instead of the KJB’s specific word “fornication.”

    With the NASB, readers are free to live as licentious a life-style as they petting-well please, as long as they do not oppress the Palestinians. No wonder some see the guard-rail words of the KJB (which protect one from crashing off the communicable disease cliff, hitting the ground with a loud clap), as unnecessary fences, preventing them from enjoying the greener grass…..over the second-time-around septic tank.

    Jonathan and I discussed the Greek word underlying ‘fornication’ (from which we get our word ‘porn’). Its association with the Greek word for ‘harlot’ is demonstrable. The English root ‘forn’, like ‘porn,’ comes from the Latin ‘fornix’, which is an arch (picture a Gothic (bow-legged cowboy) arch, not Roman arch and figure it out for yourself) and later, a bordello (OED, Webster’s Dictionary of Etymology, et al.). In reference books, there is no mention of petting Palestinians.

    Jonathan Sampson asks, further ‘Where was the Bible in and before 1599.’ Funny you should ask. I wrote a 1,200 page hardback book, entitled, In Awe of Thy Word, to answer that very question. Jonathan, for all of your good efforts, I will send you a copy, as a free gift, if you send your address to: orders@avpublications.com. Your answer is just an email away.

    In 1599, ‘The Bible’ was not in the plucked Catholic Douay Rheims New Testament, with all of its molting omissions. At that time, the God-created, fully plumed and stalwart English swans and pheasants, all beautiful in their own right, served the English-speaking world, as the parroting Geneva, Bishops’, and Great Bibles. They were markedly alike. Synonyms abounded between them, just as green eyes and blue eyes perform the same function. This “little flock” provided the gene pool of words for the peacock KJB of 1611. In a world where sin would “wax worse and worse” (2 Tim 3:13), God painted a stunning, “harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens” edition, kind of like the Word himself (Heb. 7:26). To understand exactly what happened in that era, I collated EVERY word in their New Testaments, charted them, and documented exactly what happened and why. For a detailed (1,200 page), better-than-a-bird’s-eye view, read In Awe of Thy Word. God will never resort to the plucked text, held today in the counterfeit and imprecise mocking birds (NKJV, KJ2000, The Evidence Bible) and the fowl ESV, NIV, HCSB, “the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” Rev. 18:2. Christians will never “mount up with wings as eagles” via their pages (Isa. 40:31).

    2. Jonathan Sampson and DaleC1980 seem unsure as to how MD5 is related to audio forensics, the latter saying, “As an engineer my ears picked up when she mentioned MD5. I was completely lost thereafter…”
    Don’t crawl under a sine wave. Let me help you. Note the following:
    “Any changes, even the simple act of opening and resaving a file without any content changes, can alter the calculated MD5 value.” Read the entire article here.


    To get up to speed on MD5 in audio forensics read Handbook of Digital Forensics of Multimedia Data and devices by Anthony T.S. Ho. In it he said, “Two of the most common hashes used in the audio/video forensic field are message-digest algorithm 5 (MD5….)(p. 150 et al.)


    3. Nytefury suggests only ‘one class’ from Harvard, taught by the world’s leader in audio forensics, means nothing.

    In the letter Big White Lies, I allotted only several sentences to summarize the audio forensic’s issue, after 38 years of experience, taking several classes, both undergraduate and graduate, then teaching components on sound at the college level, and finally writing several college textbooks, accepted for publication by Prentice Hall, which included large sections on sound.

    In those few sentences in no way did I connect ‘compression’ with MD5.

    4. DaleC1980 did not understand what “hard disk size buffering” was and what it had to do with crackles and audio dropouts. For an introduction, please read the following, taken from https://www.ableton.com/en/help/article/how-avoid-crackles-and-drop-outs/

    “How to avoid crackles and audio drop-outs

    Buffer Size

    An audio buffer size setting set too low or on a wrong size might be responsible for crackles and drop outs.

    To change the Audio Buffer Size go to Preferences → Audio. Please always use a value expressed in powers of two: 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024.

    Note that a larger buffer size will improve your system performance, but at the same time it will also increase the audio latency.

    If the buffer size cannot be changed, please see if the following articles help:

    The buffer size of the Apogee Duet can’t be set precisely
    The buffer size of my Digidesign/Avid interface can’t be changed
    The buffer size of my ASIO-driven audio interface can’t be changed

    Hard Disk Performance

    If the hard disk cannot read or write audio quickly enough, this condition causes a gap in the recorded sample; when playing back, you will hear dropouts.

    In this case you will be able to observe the Disk Overload indicator turn orange.


    The Disk Overload Indicator turns orange when the hard drive cannot read the audio fast enough.

    To avoid disk overload do the following:

    Use RAM mode for selected clips, by clicking twice on an audio Clip and activating the “RAM” button in the Sample box.

    While doing this, make sure to monitor your RAM usage to avoid an Out of Memory error.


    The Clip’s Sample Box.

    Consider using lower sample rates (recommended: 44100 Hz).


    The Sample Rate section of Live’s audio Preferences

    Consider recording audio with a 24-bit resolution instead than 32-bit.
    This setting can be found under Preferences → Record/Warp/Launch


    The Bit Depth and File Type for audio recordings can also be set in Live’s Preferences

    Consider bouncing some tracks together in order to save further HD resources. From the “Export Audio” dialog, you can also render a specific track to Mono. This will also reduce the workload of your Hard Disk.

    Please refer to Live’s manual, Chapter 32.2 for more tips on how to manage Disk Load.


    Observe Live’s CPU meter: if the value indicated there gets close to 100 percent, the processing is being maxed out and it’s likely that you will hear gaps, clicks or other audio problems. Note that the CPU meter takes into account only the load from processing audio, not other tasks the computer performs.

    Please read this article for tips on optimizing your CPU usage.

    Also related:
    Why does Live’s CPU meter show a different load than the Activity Monitor/Task Manager?

    Refer to Live manual, Chapter 32, for more insights on how to optimize your system resources.

    Need more help?

    Should issues persist, please make sure that your audio drivers and your OS are up to date.

    It is always recommended to use the audio drivers that come with your audio interface, but if you are using a generic audio card on PC and you have problems finding an ASIO driver for that device, please try using Asio4All, which is a freeware universal ASIO driver.

    If your audio card is connected via USB, please make sure to plug it directly to your Computer USB port and avoid using a USB hub.

    Finally, on some new Macs and PCs USB 3.0 ports are installed. Please make sure that your audio interface is compatible with this protocol.”

    5. LambofGodapologetics suggests, “Go to any Christian bookstore…you will find plenty of NASB Bibles.” Wipe the dust off of them. They will be there for a long time, as few are interested in purchasing them anymore, since the RSV-based ESV has replaced the NASB in popularity. The RSV was the most blasphemous of all translations, having, “…five prominent names among the RSV translators as being cited by the [U.S. House of Representatives] Committee on Un-American Activities, as having 105 affiliations with communist fronts and causes….” Another twenty-five translators also had communist associations. The ESV rests on a foul bases. http://www.hissheep.org/kjv/should_christians_trust_the_rsv.html#Communism

    6. Seven Parisi asked if Riplinger spoke in tongues. The answer is ‘No’! As stated in the letter, I am a Baptist. God does not speak outside of his Holy Bible.

    7. tolar9 said, “Alan James O’Reilly, the author of the book Kent reads from (“The ‘Whitewash’ Conspiracy”) studied chemical engineering. He has zero formal training in textual criticism, biblical exegesis, Koine Greek or Christian history. He is simply not up to the task of criticizing James White’s scholarship.” O’Reilly responds, +tolar9 “You’re right. I cannot criticize JW’s scholarship. In all his book, The KJO Controversy, he did not show any. Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ, Alan O’Reilly.”

    Note that O’Reilly did not study chemical engineering, he taught it at a major British university and has studied the Bible and its texts for longer than White has been alive.

    8. JosephB nailed it when he said that, “It is simple, Kent has 43,000 subscribers and White has 17,000 subscribers. White is trying to get in on Kent’s action.”

    In Closing

    I must admit. I am naïve. I am a victim of projection. “Research supports the existence of a false-consensus effect whereby humans have a broad tendency to believe that others are similar to themselves, and thus “project” their personal traits onto others. This applies to good traits as well as bad traits….” (Wikipedia and Baumeister, Roy F.; Dale, Karen; Sommer, Kristin L. (1998). “Freudian Defense Mechanisms and Empirical Findings in Modern Social Psychology: Reaction Formation, Projection, Displacement, Undoing, Isolation, Sublimation, and Denial”. Journal of Personality 66 (6): 1090–1092. doi:10.1111/1467-6494.00043.)

    I thought, perhaps, that I had been in the company of a believer who is a serious students of the scripture. Dream on, Gail. My eyes popped open when White included as a part of his response to Big White Lies, not answers to the technical errors I had pointed out in his work, but a clip from what he called his “favorite line from Cheers.” Since I haven’t watched TV programming for over thirty-five years, I had to rely on a description of the program in Wikipedia. Why a Christian would watch a program, whose setting is a bar, a program that won an award from the homosexual community, and that centered on “adult themes”, I can only imagine. Wikipedia says,

    “The show revolves around characters in a bar under humorous adult themes and situations…”

    “Tartikoff stated in 1983 that Cheers was a sophisticated adult comedy…”

    “The show is set in a bar named Cheers (named after the popular toast) in Boston, Massachusetts, where a group of locals meets to drink, relax, and socialize.” “Sam has flings with many not-so-bright “sexy women”, yet fails to pursue a meaningful relationship and fails to seduce other women, such as intellectuals.

    After Diane is written out of the series, he tries to pursue Rebecca Howe, but he either fails to achieve or gets uninterested if passion is attempted. At the end of the series, he is still unmarried and recovering from sexual addiction with a help of Dr. Robert Sutton’s (Gilbert Lewis) group meetings, advised by Frasier.”

    “Homosexuality was dealt with from the first season, which was rare in the early 1980s for American network television. In the first season episode, “The Boys In The Bar”, a friend and former teammate of Sam’s comes out in his autobiography. Some of the male regulars pressure Sam to take action to ensure that Cheers does not become a gay bar. The episode won a GLAAD Media Award, and the script’s writers, Ken Levine and David Isaacs, were nominated for an Emmy Award. Harvey Fierstein later appeared in the 1990s as “Mark Newberger”, Rebecca’s old high school sweetheart who is gay. The final episode included a gay man who gets into trouble with his boyfriend, played by Anthony Heald.”

    Call me old fashioned, but this is not the sort of folks I wish to sit and spin on a bar stool with. Jesus sat with publicans and sinners and offered them a physician, not a beer. He did not sit and laugh, as they spin their filthy tales. White is grasping at cocktail straws with this one.

    And “sitting down they watched” Christ die, and yet today they sit and spy – as voyeurs watching actors (Matt. 27:36). When watching vile TV and movies, Christians, who may not “commit such things,” vicariously “have pleasure in them that do them” Rom 1:32. The verse “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes,” (Psa. 101:3) would help, but White’s translation omits the word “wicked” and replaces it with “worthless” (James R. White, Facebook, Feb. 20, 2016). Watching “men pourtrayed upon the wall” mounted TV, may have value and worth to White, as a means to a hearty laugh (Ezek. 23:14-16). New version words are notoriously non-convicting, elastic, and subjective, as demonstrated earlier.

    In my younger days, you could have found me outside the bar, passing out tracts and witnessing to these hurting people, not inside, laughing along. I plan to remain outside the enemy camp grounds, with their ill-intended boy scouts masters, no matter how ‘camp’ it is. (One dictionary definition of ‘camp’ is: “vulgarity, or artificiality when deliberately affected or when appreciated for its humor.” The OED cites a 1909 usage of ‘camp’ as “effeminate or homosexual,” like a camping scoutmaster of suspicious motives.)

    “Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach” Heb. 13:13.

    “A man that is an heretic after the first and second admonition reject.
    Knowing that he that is such is subverted and sinneth,
    being condemned of himself.” Titus 3:10
    I will leave James White to “his devices”
    (2 Cor. 2:11).


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      Great Read! Thank you, Kent!

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      Keith whitlock says

      Thank you for this article. How pathetic that many prominent Christians like MacArthur, Geisler, Ankerberg, J.I Packer, Bruce Metzger, D. A. Carson, Hank Hanegraaff, Beisner, John Weldon, Kenneth Barker, Craig Blomberg, and Gleason Archer endorse James White’s King James Only Controversy..

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