Oil Bubbles Part 2: Forcing The World Into The Solar Powered Economy

Oil Bubbles Part 2 Forcing America to go Solar PowerWhile reading the “Oil Bubbles” series of articles, please keep in mind “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

If you have not read “Oil Bubbles Part 1: The Economic Collapse of 2020” I recommend you do so in order to understand who is triggering the Economic Collapse.

Summary on How Economy and Business Work

Ask any successful businessman and they will tell you that the economy is fluid. There is constant change. A business survives and thrives by becoming as fluid as the economy.

Think of the economy like a river and your business is a boat. If you don’t maneuver your boat through the twisting and turning of the river, you’re bound to hit the river bottom or shore and crash. The more a business is able to change with the fluidity of the market, the better the business has a chance of thriving.

Only, the American people aren’t in control of the river… the socialistic plutocrats (like the Rockefeller Family) are in charge. The only thing the American people can do is secure their boat.

Forcing The World Economy To Go Solar Power

In first part of Oil Bubbles “The Economic Collapse of 2020” I showed you that the Rockefeller family that started the oil industry are now pulling out of market. This is a huge red flag.

How did this happen?
The price of oil per barrel has declined in value over the last few years, due to competition. In a truly free market, this is great – we welcome competition! But in a rigged market run by power brokers and socialistic plutocrats – this means death to the competitor.

“Prices have plummeted because of global oversupply, and many companies are facing mountains of debt, loads of expenses, and catering profits. If you’re looking for some good news on the industry, you should look elsewhere.” – read full article, “OIL CEO: the oil industry is facing a ‘full-scale crisis’” by Business Insider.

Causing panic in the stock market and financial sector, forcing buyers to sell stock at low levels, is what bankers like the Rothchild, Vanderbilt, JP Morgan Chase and Rockefeller families like to do.

How did they inflate the oil bubbles and how do they pop them?

1- Small mom and pop businesses in the oil industry (competition to the Rockefeller family) purchase loans to build their oil firms to drill more wells, hire more employees, get better equipment, etc…

2- This inflates the oil bubble caused by massive amounts of money/loans taken out by banks (manipulated by the Federal Reserve and IMF).

3- OPEC is in direct competition with mom and pop businesses and the race to produce cheap oil further inflates the bubble.

4- Mom and pop business that took out huge loans can no longer pay back those loans because they are making no profit due to cheap oil prices.

5- Popping the bubble happens when the Rockefeller family gets out of the oil industry, causing a scare in the stock market.

6- The oil bubble pop results in huge unemployment numbers, default on loans, cheap stocks and a broken industry.

7- The new energy industry is wherever the socialistic plutocrats decide to pour their money into.

The best way to get gas prices to back into profitable territory is to decrease supply. Theoretically, this means decreasing rig counts… – Business Insider

What does that mean for the American people?

It means that anyone in the oil industry who took out large loans will default and go bankrupt. This will leave thousands of people in the oil industry jobless, and a broken industry. It will result in oil prices skyrocketing. That leaves the American people paying huge prices at the gas pump.

How long will Americans pay for the popping of the oil bubbles? No telling. Because the economy is rigged in favor of the power brokers and bankers there is no way to know how long it will take for them to inflate the next bubble and force people into the direction they want to take the people.

The king of oil drilling, Saudi Arabia, wants to do all it can to crush American businesses.

“Saudi Arabia wants to keep prices (per oil barrel) below $40, in the short run, to crush American frackers – and in the long run, regain leadership of the oil market. Saudi Arabia is in an all-out economic war to undermine the American economy.” – read full article, “The Real Reasons Saudi Arabia Won’t Support Oil Prices Above $40” by Forbes.

Where is the economy heading towards?

Do you remember that amazing government funded program called “solar investment tax credit” under George W. Bush and “TARP” under Barack Obama?

What many taxpayers deemed fraudulent, abusive and against the will of the American people, these solar power programs laid the foundation for the future of energy production in the new “techno-economy”.

In July 11, 2011 “President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet, spending billions of dollars to chase the green energy alchemy of solar harvesting… Obama said the US needs to, ‘change the way we generate electricity in America — so that it’s cleaner, safer, and healthier… ushering in a clean energy economy has the potential to create an untold number of new jobs and new businesses – jobs that we want right here in America.” – read full article, “The Real Cost of Solar Energy” by American Thinker.

After TARP was passed by congress, the American people were handed a $40 billion dollar invoice.

Americans Are Funding Rockefeller and JP Morgan’s Solar Powered Economy

What TARP did was help pave the road for the Rockefeller and JP Morgan family to force socialistic control on the American people. When you own the bank (the Federal Reserve), you own the government and the people.

American’s are being forced to pay for the power brokers and international bankers dream’s.

You, me and our children are paying for these powerful men to do what they want with the economy. Now that we are being forced into a solar powered economy, we should find out exactly why we are being forced into it…

In the next “Oil Bubbles” article “Part 3: Elon Musk and JP Morgan’s Solar City Dream by Nikola Tesla” We will show you how to save yourself from the upcoming troubles.

”My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.” – John 10:29

Article written by Guest Blogger: Josiah Gabriel


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    The names listed here control not only our oil but, the university’s, doctors, big pharma, our food industry, the air we breathe, the pollution in it chem trails etc., and our water. With their desire to eliminate 90% of us, they are well on their way. I would be worried but thankfully God is laughing at them

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